Mass Art

Mass art is an online global-level multiple user simultaneous painting project is to foster creativity, collaboration, and connection among artists from all around the world. This project aims to break down barriers and bring together diverse perspectives, styles, and techniques in a collaborative art-making process.

Online engagement platform

Art project

Solution visualizer

The Solution Visualizer provides a platform that tracks tasks and streamlines the translation of technical terminology into more understandable words in order to address the difficulties in expressing complicated concepts in software development.


Solution visualizer


Auto following cart

Auto following cart

As an innovative university entrepreneurship project for undergraduate students, our primary objective is to revolutionize the shopping experience by introducing an auto-following cart. The purpose of this project is to address the need for freeing up customers’s hands while they navigate through markets and stores. Through extensive research and development, our project aims to create a functional model of the auto-following cart, showcasing the integration of cutting-edge technology to achieve seamless automation. The cart will intelligently track and follow the customer’s movements, ensuring a hands-free shopping experience that enhances convenience and efficiency. Furthermore, our project seeks to contribute to the academic and scientific community by publishing a journal article detailing the technological advancements and methodologies employed in creating the auto-following cart.

Hardware programming