Logic Tension

Logic Tension - Sophia Zhang


to my world! I'm Sophia Zhang, a software engineer with a Master of Computer Science (UNSW) and a Bachelor of Physics (AHNU).

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As someone deeply amazed by the immense significance of science and technology, with their accuracy, precision, and logic, I’ve also found myself immersed in the enchanting wonderland of art and music, with their infectious qualities, obscurity, and interpretations.

You can view all my art works here.

I’m always thinking about the relationship between these two seemingly disparate areas in this beautiful collision of passions and how they may complement one another to better the human experience.

With my affinity for both software development and art creation, my mission is to find ways to connect people with the joy of artistic expression. By combining my knowledge in utilizing modern tools and logical thinking in software development, along with an intuitive and emotionally driven approach to art creation, I aim to explore how these two worlds can work together in harmony.

Through my blogs at sophiazhang.com, I assume the role of a humble observer and illustrator, seeking to depict the wondrous collision between reality and imagination. Here, let’s explore! 🐾

Art monster

Art monster - Sophia Zhang & Midjourney

Art Monster - I climb out from the womb as a digital giant, I feed on your brain, human brain! angry venom